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Flexible Flat Cable (FFC)

Acepac designs, imports and delivers custom-made (with specific number of conductors, length, pitch, type of termination, gold plating at terminals, folded, attached with double sided tapes) Flexible Flat Cables (FFC, interconnects) that are used to connect signals between control panels to motherboards (PC). Flexible Flat Cables are used in printers, plotters, scanners, audio video devices/equipments, gaming and entertainment appliances. FFC is low cost (compared to other forms of interconnects), high reliability, easy to use. Flexible Flat Cables (FFC) are RoHS and REACH compliance with lead free conductors and Halogen-free insulation. FFC can designed and manufactured with impedance control of specific ohm (LVDS- 100ohm, USB- 90ohm) with industry standard LVDS connectors. All Flexible Flat Cables are 100% tested for electrical conductivity.
Product Type
Electro Mechanical